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Home Decor

“Let LOVE glow and you'll know where to go!”

~Deni Christie


Deni Christie is a well-regarded interior designer based in Surrey, known for her expertise in home transformations, particularly in renovation and refurbishment projects. She is the creative force behind HOUSE of CHRISTIE, where she offers comprehensive services including kitchen design, cabinetry, and overall home refurbishments tailored to fit her clients' needs and budgets.

Her approach is characterised by practical and aesthetic solutions that enhance the functionality and visual appeal of spaces. For instance, in one of her projects in South West London, she converted low-level shelving in a kitchen-diner into cupboards to maximise storage and reduce clutter, resulting in a tidier and more efficient space.


With over 15 years of experience, Deni specialises in kitchen, bathroom, and cabinetry design, as well as interior styling and home organisation.

Deni emphasises creating harmonious and healing environments by balancing natural elements and enhancing the flow of energy in living spaces. Her firm's philosophy combines holistic, practical and aesthetic considerations to create spaces that support the wellbeing of their occupants.



Customer satisfaction is a top priority!



Enjoy the luxury of professional design services without leaving your home, where the showroom comes to you. Our mobile and flexible hours service is designed to fit into your busy schedule.


By eliminating the overhead costs associated with maintaining a showroom, House of Christie can offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality.


You will receive one-on-one attention from Deni Christie, ensuring your needs and preferences are always prioritised.


Through our design approach we always strive to reduce environmental impact by practising holistic design, choosing sustainable materials and durable timeless furnishings to create living and working spaces that minimise environmental impact and promote wellbeing.


Transforming interiors is not only our occupation, it is our love and passion!

With love at the heart and the core of our values, we transform houses into homes where love glows and happiness grows!

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